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Everything you need, from standard project, to custom-made, and high-end sophistication

Whatever the type or size of your project, from the decoration of small volumes to the largest transformation projects, we take care of everything down to the smallest detail. We offer a full range of services, to satisfy the needs of all our customers, and we support you at every step.


                                                                                                   Contact us to discuss your plans and your vision!


Architecte et architecte d'intérieur Genève et Lac Leman

We offer personalized interior architecture services to transform your space into a place that meets your needs and tastes. Here's an overview of our services: ● Initial contact: We discuss your project, taking into account aspects such as the volumes of your property, technical constraints, and your aesthetic preferences. ● Design phase: Based on an existing survey or plan, we define and formalize your interior design, construction, or expansion project, considering your budget. ● Sketch plans: We create an initial concept of the project, defining the spaces, their layout, and the possibilities for arrangement. We refine the project until it meets your expectations. ● Project plans: Once the project is refined, we finalize the finishing details. ● 2D plans and 3D perspectives: We provide 2D plans and 3D perspectives to give you a better visualization of the final result. ● Selection of materials, colors, and lighting: We advise you on the best options for materials, colors, and lighting to create the desired ambiance. We are here to bring your ideas to life and create an interior that reflects your personality.


Décoration d’intérieur Genève et Lac Leman

Do you want to breathe new life into your interior without making any structural changes? Our interior design service is the ideal solution. We offer the following services: ● Inventory statement to understand the specificities of your space. ● Selection of furniture, lighting, floor and wall coverings, as well as accessories in keeping with your style. ● Creation of mood boards and materials to define the desired atmosphere. ● Harmonization of materials, colors, volumes and light for general consistency. We work with you to create a unique atmosphere that matches your tastes and lifestyle. Transform your interior into a harmonious and personalized space.


Rénovation appartement maison et espaces publics Genève et Lac Léman

Are you planning a renovation for your private or public space? We are here to make your project a reality and give it new life. Key stages of our support: ● Analysis of your needs, desires and budget. ● Rethink volumes and structure space. ● Demolition work and modification of load-bearing walls and floors. ● Creation of new spaces with partitions and false ceilings. ● Realization or renovation of electrical, sanitary and finishing installations. ● Renovation or creation of bathrooms. ● Management of administrative authorizations and building permits. ● Preparation of the file for consultation of the companies. ● Call for tenders from qualified companies. ● Detailed description of the work. ● Execution plans, including electrical and plumbing. ● Site visits with the selected companies. ● Opening of the construction site with the chosen companies. ● Rigorous monitoring of the construction site for optimal quality and durability. At each stage, we will be there to ensure a final result that will fully meet your expectations.


Suivi de chantier Genève et Lac Léman

After validation of all the previous steps, we monitor and coordinate your site with the following actions: ● Realization of execution plans validated by yourself. ● Obtaining the necessary administrative authorizations and building permits. ● Establishment of a summary description of the work. ● Call for tenders from qualified companies. ● Detailed planning of works and coordination of contractors. ● Regular follow-up of the construction site to control the realization, the costs and the schedule. ● Weekly site meetings with reports sent by email. ● Quality control of work. ● Verification of plans and documents submitted by contractors. ● Transmission of instructions to contractors. ● Drafting of site reports, submitted for your approval. ● Verification of the statements provided by the contractors, production of a new statement if necessary, and payment proposal. ● Preparation of the final statement of work and settlement proposals for balance. We are committed to ensuring rigorous monitoring of your site, guaranteeing the quality of the work carried out, compliance with deadlines and your budget.


Mobilier sur mésure Genève et Lac leman

Custom furniture to enhance your space We design custom pieces of furniture that meet your aesthetic and functional needs and expectations. Whether it is a storage unit, a bookcase, a kitchen, a TV unit, a washbasin, a desk, a specific arrangement or a dressing room, we create personalized solutions to optimize your spaces. Our services include: ● Redesign spaces by creating strong lines that reflect your style. ● Produce detailed technical plans for precise manufacturing. ● Carefully select materials, colors and finishes for harmonious furnishings. We will make every effort to transform your ideas into exceptional custom-made pieces of furniture, combining aesthetics and functionality.


Réception projet Genève et Lac Leman

We remain present until the reception and lifting of the last reservations, thus assuring you that the work will be completed according to the established specifications. Our services include: ● Receipt of deliveries, including materials, equipment and furniture. ● Rigorous follow-up to ensure that everything is compliant and of high quality. ● Removal of reservations and correction of any problems. Once these steps have been completed, all you have to do is enjoy your new interior to the full.

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