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aadict design meilleur cabinet d'architecture d'intérieur à Genève

Audrey & Ana

Co - founders 


We are two passionate creators at the service of beauty and balance. 
We know how to transcribe the expression of our personality in order to produce unique design and compostions.

Our homes change according to our encounters, travels, love, ages, aesthetic passions, and desires.


Previously our houses were set in place, today our interiors and our exteriors echo our individual transformations and our personal quests. 

Like two alchemists, we know how to highlight your space in order to generate a true and precious harmony.


Magic happens when the unthinkable is made possible.

Professionally qualifications.


Creation of Aadict design SARL - 2012

HEAA diploma - HES SO, Interior designer -2000

Interior designer diploma - 1997

Stylist Diploma in Interior Decoration - 1995


We have forged our expertise within renowned architectural offices in Geneva.


Audrey:  Workshop K

                Les Ateliers d’Architectes Cologny

Ana:        Meyer & Bouvier

                Grand Praplan

                Burckhardt Partners



French, English, Spanish.

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